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Fun with Fabrics

Based on the Dorset / Somerset borders I have grown the business through the years with my interest in fabrics and crafting projects .

This has now extended & includes

haberdashery, jewellery making, crafting materials.

Primarily the business is run by myself - Sam Smith but I rely on help of others for the smooth running of all aspects especially my patient family! I owe the success and versitility of my new website, in 2008, to my very, very patient brother, who has give his very precious time in creating something which I can update so easily! Now updated, July 2013, my new website is born....

The dream actually started 9 years ago when the local Pre School asked if I could make a unique present for the children leaving to go to their respective Primary Schools. The PE Bag consisted of :

  • Bright fabric with contrast lining
  • Embroidered name - optional
  • Cord handle for easy use

The PE bag, itself, has evolved over the years. The first PE bag was unlined and with zig zag seams! Now the bags are lined but are contrasted with plain or patterned fabrics and about 1-3cm of the lining shows above the main fabric which I do think is an improvement. Incidently I do still make those PE bags and I have immense pride in seeing them hung up through the school!

I now am diversifying in different directions. The interest in fabrics and how they will work enhance my projects. Some of the items are one offs and I may not be able to obtain the same fabric again and each item is individually handmade and therefore the sizes could vary slightly.

Handmade earrings - I have been making these for years but only just recently started to sell them via eBay. I am currently selling a range of novelty ones and they will be coming soon....

Buttons and Beads - my newest exciting addition which are recycled or new but this is stated in the description. The recycled are exactly what they say and may not be totally perfect but I try and give all imperfections - if there are any!

Embellishments - these do tend to come in bulk and I re pack them into suitable amounts (I try to give accurate amounts but usually under estimate to make sure you get what you expect). The range changes and I try to cover a diverse range.

Watch this space for more ......

I hope you enjoy browsing my website and I welcome any comments on


There are items being added all the time so keep an eye on your favourites.

If there is something missing from my ranges please email me and I'll see what I can do.